Transmission checklist

If a firewall or proxy server is being used, a connection via Port 443 (HTTPS) must be enabled.
If the transmission still fails to work despite the open firewall, check the following:
•    Is anti-virus software in use with a built-in firewall, e.g. Norton Internet Security? Port 443 in this software must also be enabled.

•    In the case of transmissions to the Visana insurance company (Business Integra customers only), has the transmission certificate been imported correctly and is it still valid (Contents > Internet Options)?

In the case of transmissions to AXA Winterthur, certificate provider Thawte must provide you with the SSL Secondary Certificate (thawte_ssl_secondary_ca). If you have not yet installed the certificate, you can download it here. Unzip and install it. The installation guide can also be downloaded here.



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