How can I get support over the phone?

BBT Software AG support hotline: +41 41 455 30 30
You can also email us at




How must I log into Windows to install the software?

To install the software, log in as administrator. That will give you all system rights you need for a successful installation.


How do I install the application in a network?

  1. Save the database on the server drive for common access
  2. Install the Sunetplus software locally on each workstation
  3. Define read and write rights for the database
  4. In the Sunetplus login, save (via "Configuration") a link to the database on the relevant server drive. The save path is saved by the user for the next access.

Sunetplus can also be used in a metaframe environment, where the software is saved on the server.


How do I update the application?

If you are already using Sunetplus, simply install the new version via the existing one.

Please also consult the information on the automatic update process in the program guide


In what order should I enter my data after the installation?

  1. Configure the policies (start date and contract details)
  2. Configure the operating structure - can be hidden if required
  3. Capture the personal details
  4. Capture the claims notifications
  5. Send the claims notifications electronically
  6. Print the claims notifications






Who can answer my questions on insurance?

Contact your customer adviser if you have any questions, e.g. about contracts, policy numbers or benefits.


What must I do after changing insurer?

  1. End the old insurance
  2. Enter the new insurance (start date and contract details)
  3. Amend the personal details, i.e. update the fields on the page "Insurance details" with the beginning date of the new insurance policy. This step can be automated using a bulk change command (Edit> Bulk change> Person> Transfer policy)
  4. New claim notifications can again be entered


What data do I get from my insurer in addition to the software?

Visana - Business Integra customers of Visana additionally receive a user certificate via email for encrypting the data transmission.

Zurich - Zurich customers receive a sender ID via BBT Software AG for use when sending electronically.




What should I do if incorrect personal or salary details are printed?

  1. Check the personal details in the claim notification.
  2. Check the employment details in the claim notification.
  3. Check the salary details in the claim notification (please note that salary details are managed in historicized form).
  4. Reprint the updated claim notification.


How do I regularly secure the data I have entered?

Answer A
If the data is on your computer, backup your database (file with the suffix .sunet) on a regular basis.

Answer B
If the data is on your network server, ensure that the system is regularly saving your database (file with the suffix .sunet).


Where can I find the basis used to calculate the statistics?

Please consult the manual "Sunetplus Statistics" in the Support area of our website for details of how the statistics are arrived at.


What software/hardware do I need to run the application?


  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • Microsoft Excel 2013 or higher (for exporting statistics)
  • Optional: Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and higher


Recommended if working with Microsoft Windows 10:

  • At least 500 MB of hard disk space  (SATA2)
  • Minimum screen resolution 1280 x 1024 and at least 16 bit color


What should I do if I cannot print, e.g. API error message?

Follow these steps and try to print after each one.

  1. Delete the default printer in the Control Panel and reinstall it
  2. Delete printers you aren't using to keep the list of printers short
  3. Delete any installed printers or print servers that are no longer available in the network
  4. Delete virtual "SnagIt" printers


What should I do if the electronic transmission of claims notifications does not reach my insurer?

Go through the following checklist with your administrator to ensure you have the correct internet settings.


What should I bear in mind when configuring the person import interface?

Follow the program help advice in Sunetplus (F1 key) when configuring the person import interface. As additional help, here are the interface definitions of the person data in Sunetplus


What should I do to continue using my database after installing a new computer operating system?

  1. Install Sunetplus afresh using the installation CD.
  2. Start the program and configure a new link to your database (file with suffix .SUNET). A guide to doing this is in Online Help > First steps > Program access.
    The file is probably on your network server. If the database is on your local computer, you must back it up before the installation of the new OS. If you save the database onto a CD, you have to remove the write protection (in the file properties) after copying it back onto the hard disk.


What types of database does the application support?

Sunetplus supports the Microsoft® Access runtime engine, SQLite and the MS-SQL server.

The Access and SQLite databases are created automatically. The SQL server database can also be created with Sunetplus if the relevant rights are available on the server.


The application is running slowly on my computer: what can I do?

Sunetplus is being used successfully by organizations with several thousand employees. Installations in conventional network systems or in a metaframe environment are perfectly possible.


If Sunetplus appears to be running slowly, check your network connections (data throughput and latency times), since connection problems can have negative impacts on performance. Ideally, Sunetplus should be installed on a computer equipped with at least a Pentium 1 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM.

If only the electronic transmissions appear to be running slowly, check your internet configuration.





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