Sunetplus news

October 2021

New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2021.20.2069

In addition to maternity, paternity can also be reported via Sunetplus.
Please only enter this report if your insurance policy includes daily benefits for maternity and / or paternity. The right to statutory maternity allowance and / or paternity allowance can be asserted at the responsible AHV compensation office.

End User License Agreement

Until now, the end user license agreement was only displayed during the installation of Sunetplus and had to be accepted at that time. The end user license agreement can be found under «?» up in the menu bar of Sunetplus. This regulates the legal data protection aspects.

Import of the phone number
The length of the telephone number has been adjusted to 15 characters, as insurance companies can only receive 15 characters.

Persons involved in the accident report

The persons involved must be filled if the option «Were other persons involved?» is selected.

The name of the operating system is displayed under Sunetplus «Info».

The insured person's email address is printed on the claims forms.

The addresses and agencies have been adjusted in the claims forms.

The addresses have been adjusted in the claims forms.


The addresses and agencies have been adjusted in the claims forms.

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