Sunetplus news

May 2021

New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2021.10.2068

Address validation
Address validation has been integrated for the insured person and manual entry of doctors. When enter-ing the address, a check is made as to whether the address entered exists and has been entered correct-ly. A corresponding message appears. If there are no unique or several suitable addresses, the correct address can be selected from the dropdown menu. The address validation can be switched off in the company configuration. However, it is recommended to use this, as the insurers depend on correct ad-dress information.

Another insurer
If the value «Other accident insurance» is selected for «Other insurer», the «Additional information» field must now be filled in.

Allianz: New question «Case manager desired? »
Instead of the question about patient control, there is now the insurance-specific question «Case man-ager desired? ». If the answer to the question is «yes», this must be justified.

Axa: Forms adjustments
The company name and logo were adjusted in the claims forms and other small adjustments were made.

ÖKK: Forms adjustments
Various adjustments have been made to the claims forms.

Visana: forms adjustments
Small adjustments have been made to the claims forms.

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