Sunetplus news

October 2020

New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2020.30.2067

Sunetplus ist now using Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2.

Installation / readme file
Before the standard installation process begins, a dialog with the system requirements is displayed. A readme file with additional information has also been added.

Change of insurance
When you change insurance, an existing claim number is automatically removed. A corresponding message appears beforehand so that the previous claim number can be noted.

Import claim reports: ZIP
If the country of an address is not specified in the claim report xml for a damage report to be imported and the postcode is not four-digit, the country is set to "-". The corresponding message is marked as incomplete and the country must be selected manually after the import. If the postcode has four digits and the country is not specified, Switzerland is set as the country when importing.

Sector Insurance Cooperative: Modified name
Sector Insurance Switzerland was renamed Sector Insurance Cooperative. The forms and the policy selection have been adjusted.

Sectors Insurance Cooperative: Additional field patient control

In the case of illness reports, the additional mandatory field «Do you think a patient check makes sense?» has been inserted. The relevant information is printed on the illness report.

Innova: last working day
The «Last working day» field is no longer mandatory.

Innova: Comment to the insurance company

A supplementary sheet will now be printed out for the «Comments to the insurance company» field.

Mobiliar: agency adjustments
The agencies for Mobiliar were adapted or expanded.

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