Sunetplus news

April 2020

New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2020.10.2065

Date of Employment and date of terminationThere are various improvements regarding mutations in the date of employment and the date of termination of a person.Generali: Claim formThe claim form is now available in English.Mobiliar: Agency addressesVarious agency addresses have been adjusted.Sanitas: Policy entry no longer possiblePolicies for Sanitas can no longer be recorded.Solida: New policy number formatsThe following formats for the policy number are now permitted: XXXXXX (XXXXX) (6 to 11 numbers) and 0XXXXXXX (0 and then exactly 7 numbers).Visana: Claim number DSBThe DSB claim number is now printed on the claim form.Zurich: Claim number supplementary AILFor supplementary AIL, the claim number is now correctly displayed in the corresponding field.Zurich: Extended accident dataThe extended accident data is now also available for occupational accidents.

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