Sunetplus news

April 2019

New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2019.10.2062

Returning of an employee to the company
In the Personal data/Employment/Employment data, there is the new field «First date of employment». When you enter a person, the «Date of employment» field is filled in as before. The entered value is then automatically inserted in the non-editable field «First date of employment". If a collaborator leaves the company, the end of the employment relationship must be registered on the person as before. This is then automatically set for the assignment of policies and the company structure. If an employee joins the company again, the «Employment» field must be changed again (No time limit/Time-limited/Unknown) and the reintegration date in the company must be entered in the «Date of employment» field. In the «First date of employment» field, the original date of employment is kept.

Short-term insurance with «Swica»
The new short-term insurance policies (KAV) can now be included for the «Swica» insurance.

Claim forms
The claims forms of various insurance companies have been revised.

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