Sunetplus news

October 2017

New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2017.02.2054

Claim reports
The "Comment to insurer" field can be extended from 255 to 3900 characters via the company configuration. With the exception of «ÖKK», all insurance companies support the new length.

Printing forms
Certain claim report forms for some insurance companies have been revised.

«Concordia now offers electronic receipt of documents.

For reports sent successfully to «Generali», the claim number can be requested directly from Sunetplus. To do this, the function "Request claim number(s)" is available as an action in the report. Alternatively, the button next to the claim number can be used.

The transmission of accident and sickness reports with related documents was consolidated into one step. If your accident insurances supports electronic receipt of reports, you can send documents to the AIL insurer and even Supplementary AIL in one go.

«Swica» now supports Groups/circles of persons in the field AIL. In order to be able to send AIL claim reports to «Swica», at least one group of people must be included in the AIL policy in Sunetplus.

If the insured person cannot be determined by the personnel number when importing the claim report, an attempt will be made to determine the person by a combination of surname, first name and date of birth. If a clear determination of the person can be made, the report for that person will be imported.

In order to facilitate the identification of defective files, files imported successfully are automatically removed from the selection list of the files to be imported.

The import of absences can be configured and automated over the entire group now.

Evaluations & Lists
Filters and selections used in evaluations can be stored per user now. This function allows recurring evaluations in a simple way.

The personalized list was supplemented with the information "Transmission date AIL/DSB" and "Transmission date Supplementary AIL".

In general
The nationality list has been updated using the new ISO country list.

Various error corrections and optimizations were implemented during the new version.

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