Sunetplus news

May 2017

New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2017.01.2052

Updating of Suva forms
New postal address for all Suva agencies: "Service Center, PO Box, 6009 Lucerne".

Insurance for short-term absences

The calculations of short-term absences were adjusted to the daily sickness benefit formula. This means that weekends will be fully taken into account. Users of the old implementation can still view the data by evaluations marked the additional indication (obsolete). However, with immediate effect the imputation periods can no longer be generated according to the previous principle.

Evaluations (day-based)
In addition to previous reports, day-based evaluations are available now. Thus, statistics can be created that are limited to certain days, regardless of the time of the event.

Mass migrations
The limit of 2,100 properties of a mutation has been removed.

Refresh of basic data

By default, the user « UGAdministrator » may be notified of new updates that affect the Sunetplus master data. It is to configuration data, which is also partly transmitted to insurance companies. Other user groups can be enabled for the update mechanism by assigning the « Update basedata » right.

Printing claim reports
Line breaks in the descriptions of accidents are newly included in the printing.

Online register of physicians
• The « additional name » column has been added.
• Results are now sorted by relevance instead of alphabetical order.
• In some terminal server environments, the online register of physicians was not functioning properly.

Importing claim reports
For imported claim reports, the salary at the time of the event on the personal data is now determined.

Importing absence times
For people who are seized without « number of days per week » the « usual number of days per week of the company » is used to calculate the hours of absenteeism.

Transmitting claim reports

Claim reports that are linked with more than one absence can be transmitted to the insurance now.

Sending e-mails
If an e-mail is sent for a claim report or an absence, an appropriate case log entry is created now.

More than one agency
A bug was corrected which resulted in the assignment of an incorrect agency using more than one Suva agency.

Receiving the « elipsLife » claim number
« elipsLife »now supports the return of the AIL, supplementary AIL and DSB claim number.

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