Sunetplus news

November 2016

New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2016.02.2047/2048

New insurers incorporated
The following insurers are now officially incorporated into Sunetplus and available for the capture, printing and electronic transmission of notifications and case-relevant documents:

  • Allianz
  • Atupri
  • Branchen Versicherung Schweiz
  • die Mobiliar

Online register of physicians
A central registry of physicians can now be accessed online in order to select the attending physician. This option is enabled by default and can be disabled in the operating configuration.

Transmission protocol
The transmission protocol now offers the possibility of displaying the transmitted notification.

Email settings
A new feature now allows the testing of settings by means of a test email.

PersonellImport, AbsenceImport, NotificationImport, PersonellExport, SectorExport
The current settings can be stored as personal defaults by every user on a per-interface basis.

Number of days per week
The value of the settings field "Number of days per week" is now entered by superordinate sources if not completed. The source of the value used is always indicated.

New fields
Employment dates:

  • Superior: the superior can now be stored

Control status:

  • From/to date for salary continuation (companies)
  • From/to date for salary continuation (insurers)
  • Reason for return: the reasons for return offered for selection can be defined in menu Options -> Reasons for return

Claim forms
The claim forms of various insurers were optimized.

Zurich transmissions
The policy structure of insurer Zurich was changed. As a result, the transmission URL was changed. The new URL is available from Sunet Support.

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