Sunetplus news

December 2013/February 2014

New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2013.02.2032/2033

Evaluations and lists
New evaluations and lists are now available. The new feature can be used to put together individual evaluations.
The feature is enabled via the operating environment. Access for the individual users is controlled via the Sunetplus authorization system.

Sunet document editor
The Sunet document editor is employed by users to create and use document templates without the need to install Microsoft Word. The feature is enabled via the operating environment.

Print option: Create PDF
The print assistant now offers a Create PDF feature.

Document transmission
Basler insurance now supports the sending of documents (Send Documents) associated with claim notifications that have already been transmitted.

The electronic document transmission feature is already supported by insurers Suva, Sanitas, AXA, elipsLife, Visana, Helsana, Sympany, ÖKK, innova, Zurich, Swica and CSS (only KTG).
Policy format
Concordia insurance's new KTG policy format (KA followed by 6 digits) is now supported.

Form adaptation
Visana's KTG check card has been adapted.
Form adaptation
Sympany's additional medical certificate form used for accident and sickness notifications can no longer be printed.

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