Sunetplus news

May/July 2013

New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2013.01.2029/2031 

Case journal
The existing case journal now documents more technical actions. These include capturing and changing notifications, checking the Suva claim number, changing the type of notification, acquiring personal details, completing tasks and importing data.
Bulk changes

Bulk changes can be used to end outstanding absences on a particular date.

Evaluations and lists
Menu item Data contains new evaluations and lists.

Document transmission
Zurich and Swica now support the sending of documents associated with claim notifications that have already been transmitted.
CSS supports the sending of documents associated with sickness notifications that have already been transmitted.
The electronic document transmission feature is already supported by insurers Suva, Sanitas, AXA, elipsLife, Visana, Helsana, Sympany, ÖKK and innova.
Policy format
Sympany's new 8-digit KTG policy format is now supported.
AXA care management 
The input of the comments field has been extended.

Change of address
AXA's change of address for the Zurich region has been adopted.

Form adaptation
Concordia: the small claims form now includes the telephone number of the person.

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