Sunetplus news

December 2012

New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2012.02.2027

Absence list
The new absence list represents a flexible tool capable of displaying, evaluating, printing and exporting captured absences in a variety of forms.

Search masks
Search results can now be filtered and/or grouped.

Case journal
All case-relevant data can now be gathered in a case journal.

Critical situations
Critical situations in the organization can also now be acquired.

Several business addresses
More than one address can now be administered for the same business.
Configuration of expanded accident details
Expanded accident details can now be configured on a user-defined basis.

Action: "defining minor accident as an accident"
The action of transforming a minor accident into a regular accident with an inability to work of more than three days has been simplified.

ISO nationalities list
The ISO nationalities list now includes Kosovo.

Document transmission
elipsLife now supports the sending of documents associated with claim notifications that have already been transmitted.
Claim number response (UVG)
When transmitting a claim notification to Swica, you now automatically receive the claim number.

Form change
Sympany forms now include changes to the address.
Policy format
ÖKK's new 10-character policy format is now supported.

CSS customers now no longer require a client certificate when transmitting claim notifications.

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