Sunetplus news

June 2011

New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2011.01.2017
Bulk changes
Now available are "Bulk changes" for "Persons / Notifications / Absences". The feature allows several datasets to be edited at the same time, e.g. assigning all employees to the new policy after a change of insurer / archiving or deleting persons by termination date.

Claim number response
When sending claim notifications to AXA Winterthur, you now automatically receive the claim number.
Document transmission
Sympany, ÖKK and innova now support the sending of documents associated with claim notifications that have already been transmitted.
In addition to the clear demarcation of changes in policies, a time dimension (time periods) is now available.

Person import
A variable date for "Person / Organization structure assignment / Salary" can now be set.
Change company
A new feature allows a change of user language and a change between organizations/companies (database) without quitting the program or having to sign in again.

Export all events
When using "Export all events", the "Expanded accident details" can now also be exported.

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