Sunetplus news

November 2010

New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2010.05.2011
Claim import
The claim import feature has been adapted for users with an SQL server database.
Polling the Suva claim no. afterwards
If transmitting an accident notification to Suva does not result in the automatic receipt of a claim number, the notification in question now contains a new action, "Poll Suva claim no.".
Printing the address sheet directly from the notification
It is now possible to print an address sheet (person / first examining doctor/hospital / free text) from the notification.
List overview: absence levels
The absence level feature now offers an overview of all absences in list form.

Improved recognition of mandatory fields not completed
The outlook bar now contains a yellow warning triangle containing a "!" to draw attention to mandatory fields that must be completed.
Improved person naming on the outlook bar
The person's employee number is now displayed alongside the name.

Flag for transmitting notifications without salary details
An option field for transmitting claim notifications without salary details is now available.

New search for data with missing structure assignment
To avoid statistical differences, it is now possible to search for data with missing structure assignments (person/notification/absence).

Search masks now with "Maximum search results" input field
A "Maximum search results" field is now available for search masks, allowing the default value of 500 to be altered.

"All unprinted notifications" preview
A preview is now available in the "All unprinted notifications" print assistant.
Overview list of configured authorizations
An overview list of configured authorizations can now be exported into Excel.

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