Certified data collection point


BBT Software AG makes its certified data collection point (zDAS BBT) available to health insurers. The service should use existing processes wherever possible. Insurers' certification workloads should be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Scope of functionality

The objective was realized by partners RVK, Suva/ELCA and MediData under the leadership of BBT Software AG. It makes use of the electronic invoice verification processes.

Process overview:


Before the electronic invoice is forwarded to the insurer, the MCD is extracted and the zDAS BBT forwarded. In the zDAS BBT, the MCD is checked and saved. The following products are used for the checking and saving procedures:

  • DRG Box
  • DRG Expert
  • Sumex IRP
  • Sumex DAS-Controller

These products are provided by Suva/ELCA.

Backed by his medical examination service know-how, the RVK is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the rules.

When the core BBTIndividual system receives the DRG invoice, the zDAS BBT is automatically polled as to whether an MCD is present and retrievable. If the answer to both questions is yes, the invoice with the MCD data is presented to an authorized member of staff. If necessary, he or she can press a button to open a case with the RVK’s medical examination service and place the invoice with other documents in the VAD’s dossier.

As of 1.1.2014 not all service providers are able to transmit electronic DRG invoices and MCDs. In these cases, the insurer advises the service provider to send this correspondence to the zDAS BBT. BBT Software AG sorts this mail, scans the MCD and mails the other documents to the addressee. The latter then also scans these documents using the existing infrastructure. From that point onward, all further work steps can be conducted electronically as described above.

The clear interfaces also make use of the zDAS BBT possible for insurers which do not use the core BBTIndividual system or the RVK system.   


The certified data collection point is available since January 2014 and is used by 15 health insurers. 

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