CSS Insurance now manages its accident insurance business on the Saas platform from BBT Software AG. BBT has developed and successfully launched an optimal overall architecture in cooperation with CSS and its BPO partner.

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We are pleased to have found the new CEO of BBT Software AG in the person of Walter Capozzolo by 1 February 2019.

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Today, on 31st August 2017, BBT Software AG joined Volaris Group Inc.. This is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for this company, which has been operating successfully for 21 years.

BBT Software AG was established in 1996. BBT currently employs more than 70 staff at its Root D4, Visp and Zermatt locations.

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In 2013, within the scope of a tendering procedure, elipsLife chose BBT Software AG to set up the core system for life insurance business. In close collaboration with elipsLife, BBT subsequently developed the product «BBTLife». elipsLife has worked successfully with the BBT products Sunetplus, BBTClaims and BBTEnterprise since 2011 and now completes the portfolio of applications with another product by BBT.

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BBT is 20, hence 100 at 1620!

No, this is not a riddle, but an anniversary: BBT Software AG is celebrating its first 20 years in 2016.

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elipsLife has successfully launched its daily benefit line within the allotted time frame thanks to BBTEnterprise.

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KPMG certifies that BBT Software AG possesses an Information Security Management System in the development of software products and provision of software services (e.g. SaaS and DaaS) that complies with international norm ISO/IEC 27001.

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BBTCare supports all the processes of a company in the context of employee health. BBTCare is deployed as a supplement to Sunetplus in the area of occupational health management and helps companies keep their employees healthy.

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