Sunetplus facilitates an organization’s claims and absence management activities as well as risk analyses with a focus on the administration of accident and sickness reports. The gathering of notifications is straightforward, and the relevant data are simple to transmit electronically to all the integrated insurers. The solution has been realized in collaboration with Suva.

  • Market leader for the transmission of claims notifications
  • Used by 22 insurers and more than 14,000 companies
  • Bidirectional communication with feedback of insurer's claim number to the insured company
  • Comprehensive functionality and analysis options for absence management
  • Standard interface to payroll accounting systems with import function


Process optimization for the insurer   

At the insurer end, the claims notifications are sent electronically by the customer directly to the system, which means that he can rely on high data quality, as the data are checked in detail against the rules before they are transmitted. The insurance clerk saves a considerable amount of time by working directly with the data, which are already in electronic form.

Security for both    

The data held by the customer can be seen by authorized persons only. To ensure data security and for the administration of access rights to the data, Sunetplus deploys a comprehensive authorization system. The data themselves are stored in a password-protected database. In addition, the sensitive data are encrypted to a high standard. The claims notifications are SSL/TLS-encrypted when transmitted electronically to the insurers.

Open interface to personnel systems   

Sunetplus offers an open interface to external systems and thus the possibility of regularly and conveniently importing the data of all employees. This approach avoids the time-consuming gathering of data by hand. All it needs is for the claims notification to be recorded and transmitted to the insurer. The personnel import can be carried out for several organizations at a time, and it is possible to fully automate the import procedure.

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With BBTPrenet, your employees can capture an accident notification directly in the web application. The information about the accident of relevance to the insurance notification can be entered within a few minutes by any employee: the process is quick and efficient. BBTPrenet’s process management and GUI design are tried-and-tested and already in use by several hundred users.

This approach goes a long way to cutting the number of checks and queries made by the HR department of its employees. This intuitive capturing approach is available for computers, tablets and smartphones for maximum employee flexibility.

  • Web-based pre-capture of (accident) claims by the company's employees
  • Closely linked to Sunetplus

Sunetplus Download

Click on the relevant link to download. Sunetplus is multilingual. The language is selected when starting the program. At the time of installation, a «Demo Datenbank (Sunetplus)» is installed. One user is created «Administrator» with the password «init» in lower case letters. (If you need a CD, please contact our support)

Download Sunetplus

Sunetplus / Sunetlight / BBTClaims Support

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BBTClaims for insurers is a web solution that allows policyholders to enter claims notifications; it requires no additional hosting or integration time by the insurer and increases considerably the number of claims notifications received electronically.

The time spent by the insurer on administrative matters is substantially reduced, because existing Sunet processes can be used and the claims checked for plausibility; also the quality of the data received by the insurer is higher.

  • Web-based capture of claims notifications for SMEs   
  • Comprehensive configuration options in respect of insurer's CI/CD
  • Fully integrated process management with Sunetplus. One insurance-side interface
  • Data transmission via 128-bit encryption 
  • Transmitted notifications visible to insurer, not third parties


Flexible design    

The application is configurable and can be tailored to the insurer’s CI / CD.

The following customers are already placing their trust in BBTClaims


"The customer can enter the claims data into Sunetplus or BBTClaims – we always get it in the same format. The perfect solution!" Beat Loosli, Allianz Suisse

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