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Our core competence is developing complex, state-of-the-art software products for the core business activities of health and accident insurers, and claims management systems for companies. Rounding out our broad portfolio are other products for the healthcare sector.

Our products come equipped with default configurations and are deployed as end-to-end reference installations in the implementation projects. You, too, can benefit from short project run-times and low launch costs. We listen to what you say, cater for your requirements and create enduring value for you.


1996 Development of health insurance system (today BBTIndividual)
1998 Claim notification tool (Sunetplus; virtually all accident and sickness insurers in Switzerland)
2001 Development of accident/sickness benefit system (BBTEnterprise)
2004-2010 Change of technology to .NET (all products)
2013 Development of life insurance system (BBTLife; elipsLife in Switzerland and the EU)
2014 Start of hosting; complete system as an SaaS
2015 ISO/IEC 27001 certification; rollout of BBTPortal
2016 21 insurers using Sunetplus
2017 Link to Volaris/Constellation
2018 FKB chooses BBTIndividual
2019 BBTEnterprise and electronic auditing (Q1/19 with elipsLife)
2020 Launch of Sunetplus with Groupe Mutuel, Sumex for our health insurance customers
2021 BBTLife-Claims with Pax / BBTCare at VZ

BBT facts

  • Around 70 employees
  • Development centers in Root, Visp and Zermatt
  • Multilayered, service-oriented architecture
  • Development on .NET platform

  • 40-plus satisfied customers in the insurance world
  • 14,000-plus companies use our products

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We develop our software products in Root, Visp and Zermatt.

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Our management board

Walter Capozzolo






Dominik Bardenhofer






Walter Capozzolo

ad interim
Head of Health & Care





Tanja Herzog

Head of Human Resources





Bernd Wieland






Dierk Brunner






René Boutellier

Head of Life & Enterprise





Our customers (excerpt)


Our partners


We are a "Silver Certified Partner".

MediData AG

Development partner of the InvoiceInspector application, which offers insurers efficient, cost-effective yet comprehensive invoice verification.

FIVE Informatik AG

Business partner of the Kendox document management system, which is incorporated into our core systems and used by health insurers.


Collaboration across a range of activities, in particular in the DRG and MedCase areas.


Collaboration for software solutions in case management and social affairs.

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